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Jimmy Garoppolo roster bonus becomes fully guaranteed today

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The San Francisco 49ers paid out $48.7 million in fully guaranteed money when they signed Jimmy Garoppolo to a five-year contract extension. It turns out NOW it’s fully guaranteed. ESPN’s Field Yates tweeted out that the roster bonus Garoppolo will be formally paid on March 16th became fully guaranteed today. In case the 49ers were thinking of cutting Garoppolo, the time has passed!

He’s not getting the cash yet, so it’s not quite a fully paid Valentine’s Day present, but it’s certainly a nice little reminder of what’s to come.

On a side note, the 49ers offered up some fun Valentine’s Day cards, including a Jimmy G one. Anybody got some fun 49ers poems to offer up on this Valentine’s Day?

Unrelated to this, but these Valentine’s Day notes are amazing: