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Time stamps for Matt Maiocco’s podcast with 49ers QB Coach Rich Scangarello

We can never tire of talking about Jimmy Garoppolo

It’s safe to say talking about the San Francisco 49ers offense and Jimmy Garoppolo won’t be getting old or out of style anytime soon. And when you add the hottest conversation starter to Matt Maiocco’s podcast, you know it’s worth a listen. Maiocco’s guest is 49ers quarterback coach Rich Scangarello.

Scangarello deserves a lot of the praise for Jimmy Garoppolo’s quick rise and efficiency with the 49ers offense. The offense is one of the harder ones to learn in the league, yet they were able to get Garoppolo on the same page with the rest of the team in a matter of weeks and having one of the best five starts any quarterback has had at the start of their career. Garoppolo wasn’t the only person who had difficulty learning the offense as Scangarello had to do his own studying to get up to speed with what Kyle Shanahan had planned.

Here are the time stamps to the interview.

01:40 - His journey to becoming the 49ers quarterbacks coach
02:40 - When he decided he was going to be a coach
03:45 - Similarities between coaches and school teachers
04:19 - Looking back at what would have been
05:26 - On if working with future NFL players at UC Davis
7:00 - The adjustment between new schemes/coaches and learning it (learning Shanahan’s offense)
9:05 - The terminology
10:24 - Why he left the NFL for the college ranks in 2015
11:50 - The difference between what he/Shanahan did with the 49ers vs the Atlanta Falcons
12:45 - First thing you do teaching Jimmy Garoppolo when he arrives in San Francisco
14:10 - What you learn from someone spending that much time (like he spent with Jimmy G)
15:37 - Surprised at what Garoppolo accomplished in the final five games?
16:49 - What does Garoppolo need to do now?
18:15 - Any anticipated changes in behavior based on Garoppolo’s contract?