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Daniel Kilgore figures to be 49ers starting center, but expects more competition for the job

He is ready to head back to work.

The San Francisco 49ers signed Daniel Kilgore to a three-year contract extension, but it does not necessarily close the door on additional help at the position. Kilgore spoke to the media Wednesday afternoon, and he acknowledged that the team could decide to add some competition when the new league year begins.

Kilgore acknowledged he has never been the guy slated in as the starter. Last year, Jeremy Zuttah was the competition, and he expects more this year. That being said, he also said John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan, “don’t necessarily have to tell me too much of anything, I just show up and go to work every day.”

There was an implication he will be the starting center, but not a formal statement. They did tell him how excited they were to get a deal done, and the contract extension suggests he is slated as the starting center for the time being. Kilgore described his contract as a team-friendly deal so they can go land some more free agents. Given that it is a three-year deal and he just turned 30 in December, odds are decent that if they stumble across the right talent in the draft or free agency, this could turn into a more notable position competition than it seems at the moment.

Kilgore said he understood that turning 30 in a league that gets younger and younger had him nervous at the end of the season. They had some talks late in the season, but once the offseason arrive things moved forward. A lot of extensions often don’t happen until the Combine or later, but the 49ers are being aggressive.