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Better Rivals podcast: “This crop of free-agent pass catchers doesn’t excite us.”

David and Oscar sort through the crop of free-agent pass catchers to identify some potential 49ers targets.

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On this week’s episode of the Better Rivals podcast, our free-agent positional previews move on to pass catchers. If the 49ers splurge at the top of the market, does Allen Robinson or Sammy Watkins make more sense? (19:54) Which running back could bring a pass-catching element the 49ers lack out of the backfield below top dollar? (37:22) And which players provide the upside worth considering in the bargain bin? (48:35) All that, plus Jimmy GQ gets paid (1:51), Reuben Foster’s long-term viability (4:54), and Daniel Kilgore gets an extension (7:09).