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First Daniel Kilgore contract details arriving

This gives us a very preliminary idea of the deal.

The San Francisco 49ers signed Daniel Kilgore to a three-year contract on Wednesday, and Ian Rapoport has the first details on the deal. The deal is worth as much as $12 million, with $7 million in guarantees, according to Rapoport. The APY ranks 15th among NFL centers, based on end of 2017 figures. The final year of his last contract ranked 21st.

It is worth noting this is about as basic as you can get on first details. We don’t know how much of the guaranteed money is fully guaranteed, and until we know that, we don’t really know the full extent of the contract. It is likely a few million fully guaranteed, with the rest as rolling guarantees later in the deal.

Most NFL contracts end up being one- or two-year deals with what are effectively team options the rest of the way. My guess is this will be the equivalent of a one-year deal with two team options. I suppose most of the 49ers contracts can be considered that given all the cap space they have, but some are more clearly that than others.

Kilgore is likely the starting center this fall, but he would not be surprised to see the team bring in more competition. I could see some veteran competition, but where it will really be interesting is if the team invests anything more than a late round draft pick on the position in April.