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Jimmy Garoppolo’s contract includes clause related to NFC title game appearance

I’d be down with Jimmy G hitting on this clause.

The San Francisco 49ers are turning over a huge chunk of change to Jimmy Garoppolo with his new contract, and there will be analysis of the details for much of the foreseeable future. We’ve heard plenty about the guaranteed money, both fully and injury-specific, but it turns out there is a chance for him to guarantee a little bit more.

Garoppolo received $48.7 million fully guaranteed at signing, plus an additional $25.4 million guaranteed for injury. The injury guarantee only covers salary in 2019 and 2020. However, New England Patriots beat writer Ben Volin got a look at the contract, and it has a clause that can bump up his injury guarantees for 2021 and 2022.

Earning an All Pro nod is not out of the question, but given that there are only two spots, it’s not a simple task in a league with several particularly good quarterbacks. Of course, Garoppolo only needs one such nod to trigger those injury guarantees.

On the other hand, if the 49ers keep moving in the direction they were headed at the end of the 2017 season, the latter option could be more easy to attain. If the 49ers end up in the NFC Championship Game, more than likely it will be with Garoppolo at the helm. That would mean he has likely played the bulk of the team’s snaps. Crazy things can happen, but more than likely an NFC title game means that achievement has been reached.

If this clause is triggered, it does not change the 49ers salary cap picture. If Garoppolo plays out the contract, he would earn the same amount either way. Although, if he is playing well, I would be surprised if he is playing on the same contract when the final year or two arrives. The deal does not need to be restructured for cap purposes, but if things are working out, a new deal should get done well before this one comes to an end.