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Jimmy Garoppolo: Photographed throughout 49ers-Jaguars

When I was a kid growing up a 49ers fan, I lived and breathed by the San Francisco Chronicle’s Sporting Green — taking in all the pictures from the 49ers games. As a child, I always cherished the moments of photographers stopping a moment in time. It’s why I have always wanted to take pictures.

Seeing is believing, and watching Jimmy Garoppolo run the offense is inspiring and brings me back to my own childhood. Capturing the sidearm throw for a touchdown pass to Trent Taylor was watching Jimmy G magic in action. It really brought back moments I enjoyed the most, like "The Catch," and seeing it in print.

I get to games each year, and this past season I was able to get a photographer’s credential for the team’s home finale against the Jacksonville Jaguars. I did capture the number one defense getting to Garoppolo for a sack, but mostly throughout the game on Christmas Eve I watched Jimmy’s subtle pocket movements to avoid pressure and make plays.

Seeing the players gravitate and feed off of the energy this blockbuster trade has brought this organization is a game changer. I hope my photos always catch what most don’t see through the TV. The moments before a game when a player like Marquise Goodwin comes to the sidelines and gives a kid a hug or his gloves, and most of the time a moment with them they will always remember.

Jimmy Garoppolo’s actions before and after games signing autographs and giving his time is appreciated by a fan base thats been through a lot for much of the past 15 years. He has done this since putting on the 49ers uniform and I have been able to witness it firsthand.

The future is bright for the 49ers. I’ve always enjoyed shooting sports because a picture tells a story. From my daughter’s soccer games to my 49ers games — the journey is always changing like the story.

The home finale provided a happy result for 49ers fans everywhere. The 49ers jumped out to a 16-0 lead, and later led 37-19 before finishing with a 44-33 victory. Matt Breida and Carlos Hyde combined for 128 rushing yards and two touchdowns, while Jimmy Garoppolo completed 21 of 30 passes for 242 yards, with a pair of touchdown passes.

I’ll be back with more photos from this and other games as we go through the offseason, and then be back hopefully for more games in the fall. I hope you all enjoy the offseason, although we all know the NFL has very little offseason anymore!