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Which teams below the 49ers could be looking to move up for a QB?

Plenty of teams are looking for quarterbacks in 2018, and the 49ers could benefit in a draft-day trade.

The 2018 NFL Draft is going to feature as many as five quarterbacks going in the first round, and many projections have three or four going in the top six picks. Plenty will change in free agency, with Kirk Cousins hitting the market, and Case Keenum and Tyrod Taylor potentially available as well.

We will have to wait and see what March brings, but as we look to late April and the draft, the San Francisco 49ers could be in a position to benefit from the QB need. They currently hold pick No. 9 or 10, pending their coin flip with the Oakland Raiders. That single spot could be a huge difference-maker in the QB race, but either way, there could be some teams looking to move up.

Here is a look at the teams that could look to move up, and the draft picks they currently hold in 2018. I also included a note about the picks they hold in the first four rounds of the 2019 NFL Draft. All six hold all their picks, and the Bills could potentially have a second pick in the fourth round. I included 2019 picks because any trade this year is likely to include a pick or two next year.

The Bills are the most logical trade partner, given the two firsts they hold. The Steelers would have a ways to climb, but as we previously discussed, the Kansas City Chiefs moved up from No. 27 to No. 10 last year for a 2017 third and 2018 first (plus swapping their first round pick). Any of these trade partners could make a deal happen if they were so inclined.

Arizona Cardinals: Carson Palmer retired, and Blaine Gabbert and Drew Stanton are free agents (and not particularly good).

2018: 1(15) — 2(47) — 3(79) — 3(97) — 4(135) — 5(154) — 7(238) — 7(254)
2019: All four

Los Angeles Chargers: Philip Rivers is still looking solid, but the team could decide it is time to find his replacement sooner rather than later. They have Cardale Jones to potentially develop, but they could also decide to move up the draft board.

2018: 1(17) — 2(48) — 3(84) — 4(121) — 5(157) — 6(194) — 7(234) — 7(251)
2019: All four

Buffalo Bills: They have Nathan Peterman, but with the team expected to unload Tyrod Taylor, there are rumors they want to move up.

2018: 1(21) — 1(22) — 2(53) — 2(56) — 3(96) — 4(123) — 5(160) — 5(168)
2019: All four (potential second 4th round pick based on conditional trade)

New Orleans Saints: They are expected to extend Drew Brees, but they need to figure out their long-term plans.

2018: 1(7) — 3(91) — 4(129) — 5(149) — 5(166) — 6(192) — 6(204) — 7(245)
2019: All four

Pittsburgh Steelers: Ben Roethlisberger has been playing the “will he, won’t he” Brett Favre retirement dance the last couple years. I don’t expect a move up, but like the Chargers, maybe they decide to make their move this year.

2018: 1(28) — 2(60) — 3(92) — 5(148) — 5(167) — 7(246)
2019: All four

Minnesota Vikings: Case Keenum stunned most everybody in carrying the Vikings to the NFC Championship Game. He is a free agent, and they could decide to use the franchise tag on him. Teddy Bridgewater is also set to hit free agency, and likely will sign somewhere (Minnesota or elsewhere) on a low priced deal.

2018: 1(30) — 2(62) — 3(94) — 5(169) — 6(207) — 6(214) — 6(217)
2019: All four