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Time for staff picks, and it just seems inevitable...

Maybe we see an upset.

We are coming to the end of the weekend, and that means Super Bowl 52 is just about upon us. The San Francisco 49ers won’t be playing in it, but it still could be a fun one. The New England Patriots are not huge favorites over the Philadelphia Eagles based on the line, but it is still viewed as a David vs. Goliath game.

It should surprise nobody that the majority of our writers are picking the Patriots in this one. We’ll update this as any more picks come in, but for the time being, we’ve got ten picks of the Patriots and four picks of the Eagles. I asked the writers to also offer up their choice for MVP.

I really wanted to pick the Eagles, but I just don’t see it happening. The Patriots have won all their Super Bowls in close fashion, but I’m just no feeling it this time around. Nick Foles is playing solid, but I feel like luck is about to run out. The Patriots are going to cover the 4.5-point spread, and Tom Brady is going to end up with another MVP award. It just seems inevitable.

Fooch: Patriots - Tom Brady
James Brady: Eagles - Nick Foles
Jennifer Chan: Eagles - LeGarrette Blount
Mark Saltveit: Eagles - Fletcher Cox
Patrick Holloway: Eagles - Nick Foles
Tracy Sandler: Patriots - Tom Brady
Greg Valerio: Patriots - Brady
Alex Eisen: Patriots - Rob Gronkowski
Billy Kerr: Eagles - Zach Ertz
TryAndCatch VD: Patriots - Brandin Cooks
Josh Eccles: Patriots - Stephon Gilmore
Richard Verderber: Patriots - Dion Lewis
ak4niner: Patriots - Brady
General Patton: Patriots - Brady
Josh Cootner: Patriots - Brady