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Panthers want to interview Martin Mayhew for GM job

It sounds like they already know who they want for the job.

The Carolina Panthers are expected to name interim general manager Marty Hurney as full-time GM, but in the meantime they have added San Francisco 49ers senior personnel executive Martin Mayhew to their list of interviews, per Pro Football Talk.

Mayhew joined the 49ers this past year after spending one season as the New York Giants’ director of football operations. Prior to that, Mayhew was GM for the Detroit Lions from 2008 to 2015.

PFT reported earlier this week that Hurney is expected to land the job. Per PFT, Hurney is not having a formal interview, while the team has brought in NFL executives Jimmy Raye III and Lake Dawson, and now Mayhew. That would seem to suggest these interviews are mostly formalities, but it’s possible one of them blows away the Panthers. Make of that what you will.

The Panthers are in the midst of a sale following multiple incidents of sexual harassment levied against Jerry Richardson. Given that a sale is not close to complete, I’m not entirely sure how this impacts a GM search. One would think a new owner would potentially overhaul the organization to fit his or her own wishes. It makes for a head-spinning time in Charlotte.