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John Lynch talks about the importance of offensive line improvement

The 49ers have solid options at the tackle positions, but need help inside.

The San Francisco 49ers offensive line saw improvement to some degree when Jimmy Garoppolo took over as starting quarterback. His ability to scan the field and quick release helped make the line look better than it had when C.J. Beathard and Brian Hoyer were at the position. That’s not to put too much blame on Hoyer and Beathard, but rather to point out how much a better quality quarterback can do for a questionable offensive line.

And that’s what the 49ers had in 2017. Joe Staley and Trent Brown had some downs, but were generally pretty solid at the two tackle positions. However, the interior offensive line was incredibly inconsistent week-to-week. And it’s an area the team will look to upgrade this offseason.

General manager John Lynch confirmed as much in his Wednesday interview with KNBR. He appeared on Murph & Mac’s show, and after plenty of Jimmy G conversation, they talked about the important of the offensive line. They asked Lynch if he could say the interior offensive line is a priority, and he laughed and said the offensive line is always a priority.

I mean, we talk so much about quarterbacks. Anything to make that go, you’ve got to be really efficient. What I love is offenses — and that’s what I loved about Kyle, is that his offenses really dictate. They take the fight to them and beat them to the punch — all the things that Bill Walsh used to say at Stanford.

We’re gonna keep working to build a group like that, where we can really dictate and dominate the terms of how we play the game on both lines. That’s very much a core belief of myself and Kyle, and that’s, I think that alignment in our core values is what brought us together, and we’ll continue to emphasize those things.

The 49ers have the cap space and draft capital to make some serious additions at guard and/or center. Joshua Garnett is returning having spending the year working on getting his body type right. But even if he earns a starting role, there is at least one, if not two positions up for grabs.

There was one amusing and informative note after the OL discussion. Lynch followed up by offering the usual cliche about every position being important. He talked about how it is different this year being further down the draft order, and so you have less of an idea as to who will be there.

But then he talked about how it was nice not having to worry about the quarterbacks too much at the Senior Bowl. He would peak over every so often, but he thought it was cool that they were able to focus on other positions this time around. That’s not a shocking revelation, but it’s a nice change for once.