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Time stamps for Matt Maiocco podcast with Gary Plummer

15 seasons, his final four with the 49ers (including one with a Super Bowl XXIX win), Plummer has a lot to talk about.

Gary Plummer

San Francisco 49ers beat writer Matt Maiocco put together an insightful podcast, this time with former 49ers player Gary Plummer.

Plummer was on the 49ers during the last Super Bowl win in 1994 and saw the rise of Terrell Owens. He was diagnosed with early-onset dementia and revealed that he’s been victim to over 2,500 concussions. Plummer gives his thoughts on football and how he thinks the brain can cope with so much strain in the podcast.

You can listen to the full podcast here. Below are the time stamps with Maiocco’s guests so you can jump to a particular topic.

01:17 - How he came to the NFL from the USFL
02:45 - Was his move to the San Diego Chargers in stone regardless if the USFL folded?
04:30 - Taking up landscaping and owning his backyard
09:50 - How he’s doing after his diagnosis of early-onset dementia
14:50 - He’s convinced the brain can be healed
18:09 - What he takes away from the time he had with Dwight Clark
21:50 - How he views football
26:55 - Thoughts on Terrell Owens in the Hall of Fame
30:49 - Owens and his relationship with the media
33:47 - What can be done with young players and off-field issues/ The loss of Ken Norton as 49ers coach