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Which 49ers play would you choose for a tattoo?

Which play, in diagram form, would you choose (if you were crazy and got football tattoos)?

Twitter is occasionally a good place to find information and discussion. I’m on it, you know, and terribly funny on top of that.

But this isn’t about me, for a change, it’s about a Tweet I stumbled across from former NFL player Domonique Foxworth, quoting a Tweet about Philadelphia Eagles championship tattoos from Darren Rovell, a man who I firmly believe doesn’t have self-awareness or object permanence, but that also is a story for another time.

Foxworth asks: if you had to get a play diagram tattoo, what play would you choose? There are examples in the quoted Tweet from Rovell, and I thought it was pretty fun and worth talking about here.

For the San Francisco 49ers, obviously, there are a few big ones. Some very obvious ones. I personally wouldn’t get a tattoo for something as fickle as football, but if I were picking a play, I might be tempted to go with that play to Vernon Davis in the Saints game — you know the one. Then again, that might be pretty boring play art.

Foxworth also followed up by noting he wasn’t getting very many defensive plays in his suggestions, and I think it’s a great point. What would ya’ll go with?