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What should the NFL Draft tiebreak be instead of a coin toss?

Punter fight? Thumb wrestling? Dance-off?

Folks, it’s been a long day. So let’s have some fun. Earlier today, I wrote about the fact that the coin toss determining who will pick ninth overall in the 2018 NFL Draft — between the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiderswould be held on March 2nd.

I then took to Twitter to ask what alternatives would be a better decider for something so important. It seems silly that the NFL is so quick to default to a coin toss, just three tiebreakers down the line. The 49ers and Raiders had the same record and the same strength of schedule, but coming from different conferences, that’s where the tiebreakers end.

So ... what would be the better alternative? My favorite was the suggestion of a thumb wrestling contest, but I was wondering the specifics of that. Would it be 53 on 53? Coach vs. coach? Or would each team designate its own champion?

I happen to like the two-man sack race or a punter fight, as well. There are a lot of replies to my Tweet, which you can find below.

What do YOU think the tiebreaker should be?