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49ers did not make an offer for Marcus Peters per report

The 49ers were interested, but apparently were not engaged in a bidding war for the cornerback’s services

Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

When the announcement was made Friday morning that Kansas City Chiefs agreed to a trade sending cornerback Marcus Peters to the Los Angeles Rams for draft picks, reports were quick to point out the San Francisco 49ers were interested.

According to NBC Sports Bay Area reporter Matt Maiocco, that was just it: interested. The 49ers did not make an offer for Peters. The article does stress the 49ers are looking at any and all options at cornerback, and Peters was obviously one of those options.

Just no offer. So now the Rams get one of the better cornerbacks in the league and the 49ers’ search for a corner continues. While there is no reason (at this moment) as to why the 49ers didn’t make an offer, Peters has had some character issues that resulted in him getting kicked off the Washington Huskies in college and also a benching in 2017. Given that John Lynch—and the 49ers by extension— are trying to avoid situations like that and have their own character issues with Reuben Foster to work out, that may have been a reason to avoid Peters.

Another reason could be the haul of draft picks the Chiefs are about to get for Peters. It hasn’t been revealed yet, but perhaps the 49ers already got word of what the Rams were looking to offer the Chiefs and knew they weren’t willing to do any negotiating.

Or they just thought Peters wasn’t worth it after a film session. The main thing is, the 49ers were never getting aggressive to acquire Peters. Regardless, it sounds like the 49ers didn’t lose on this, but decided to go in a different direction after doing their due-diligence.