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CBS mock picks only by college careers, 49ers still get a cornerback

This is an interesting one, even if the 49ers still get a corner.

NFL mock drafts are getting kind of stale, and it’s barely been mock draft season for ... oh, months now I guess? Oh well. Let’s move on to talk about some more mock drafts and the San Francisco 49ers, shall we?

The folks over at CBS Sports put together a pretty interesting and fun mock draft: taking talent based solely on their college careers and ignoring NFL projections. It’s an interesting list, and includes Lamar Jackson of Louisville — a player who should remain a quarterback, in my opinion — going second overall to the New York Giants.

Popular players among 49ers fans, like Saquon Barkley, Minkah Fitzpatrick and Braldey Chubb all still manage to go before the 49ers pick in this mock, however. What terrible lck we have.

And, like many mocks, the 49ers are picking a cornerback ... but it’s a different one than usual.

Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa: Jackson blew up his junior year, picking off eight passes in 2018, returning two for touchdowns. He had 18 passes defended in total and also forced a fumble. Still a little raw, however, as he began his career at WR and didn’t move to defense until last year. He seems to be a quick study, though.

Denzel Ward is usually mocked to go to the 49ers at No. 9. Jackson started out the pre-draft rankings ahead of Ward, but has fallen to the consensus third- or fourth-best cornerback, depending on where you see Fitzpatrick. Either way, I wouldn’t be too upset about acquiring a player like Jackson, who is incredibly impressive on the field.

For those interested, linebacker Roquan Smith goes to the Oakland Raiders right after the 49ers pick. I know a lot of people like him around here.