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Which NFL Combine prospects are expected to dominate their drills?

A lot of big names will be taking part in a lot of big events at the NFL Combine.

We have our own bunch of college folks covering prospects at the NFL Combine, but I’m just getting started on my draft prep, so I’m not the most informed person when it comes to prospects, but I’m getting there.

I like to read a lot of other coverage, and while there’s plenty of combine prep here on the site, I also think the expected combine performances piece from Chris Trapasso of CBS Sports is a pretty interesting read. He’s got expected top performers and players to watch in most of the drills, including the 40-year dash, bench press, 3-cone, broad jump and the rest.

One of them that interests me the most is the broad jump, particularly with the need at cornerback. Vertical jump also would apply to that. Minkah Fitzpatrick, my favorite player thus far, is listed as someone to watch in the broad jump.

FItzpatrick is a former five-star recruit who’s starred all over the field for the Crimson Tide during his illustrious career. At around 6-1 and 200 pounds, he’s the exact type of prospect to jump close to (if not more than) 11 feet.

Fitzpatrick, of course, fits the size and length requirements of John Lynch, Robert Saleh and Kyle Shanahan, though most mock drafts have him long gone by the time the 49ers get around to picking.

Do you have a favorite drill, or a prospect you’re looking forward to seeing the most? Do you think there is anybody left out of this piece when it comes to the potential top performances?