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Carlos Hyde: Photographed from 49ers’ 2017 season

But mostly from the Jaguars game. We have some good shots of Hyde taken by our own Ricky Helton.

I want to first state that I am complete 49ers fan boy. I saw Eddie DeBartolo this past season and I sounded like a small child screaming “Mr. DeBartolo!”

So when I’m on the sidelines taking pictures prior to games. I’m looking for two things. Action shots, of course, as well as interactions from players and coaches with eachother, fans and other personnel.

When Carlos Hyde took over for Frank Gore, I felt he was certainly a suitable replacement, if that’s even possible. Hyde has handled himself well on and off the field, though there have been some injury concerns. But in the NFL, that’s going to happen. As a 49ers fan, I respect him for his time spent in some of the more difficult years for the Faithful.

Through the struggles, Hyde has suited up, done his job, and hasn’t had a bad word to say about anybody in the organization. And during all of this, I’ve seen Hyde giving his time to fans attending games, very generously.

So as we did with Jimmy Garoppolo, we’re putting together a gallery of some shots I’ve taken of Hyde, most from the Jacksonville Jaguars game, including one photo where Hyde was kicked out of the game.