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Highlights from Matt Breida’s AMA on Reddit

The undrafted rookie (soon to be second-year player) answered a wide rage of questions from 49ers fans.

San Francisco 49ers rookie Matt Breida participated in an “Ask Me Anything” (or AMA) on the team subreddit on Friday. Fans got a bunch of questions in, and we posted on this before the AMA happened, so hopefully some of you got your questions in and got them answered.

You can find the full Reddit thread right here. But if you’re just looking for some highlights, they posted about it on the official website, the “best of the best,” as they put it.

Breida is asked who his favorite people are in the locker room, is asked about his biggest weakness (overrunning the hole), the rookie (not including himself) that impressed him most on a daily basis in practice, whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich (it’s not), pineapple on pizza (he says no, but he’s factually wrong on this, I checked) and a whole lot more. It’s definitely worth the read.

Breida was an undrafted rookie and beat out Joe Williams for the backup job, even before his competitor went on injured reserve. He was efficient with his carries and his running, and has the look of a future potential feature back.

I’m excited to see how he looks in Year 2, though I’m not quite ready to let Carlos Hyde walk to roll with Breida as the starter.