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What are the worst 2018 NFL Draft takes you’ve seen thus far?

I don’t have any of my own because I don’t make mistakes, obviously. So let’s hear your bad take, or the worst one you’ve heard.

Look, I’m going to level with you: sometimes you’re (yes, you) just wrong. And I know it’s hard to accept that — not from personal experience, because I am never wrong, but I have heard that it’s a thing that’s difficult to come to terms with.

So as someone who has definitely never been wrong and who definitely wasn’t really excited for J.T. O’Sullivan that one time, it’s always entertaining to read some BAD TAKES. There have been more bad takes than usual in the NFL of late, but bad draft takes are usually a lot less focused on human suffering and more on idiots who don’t know what a quarterback is.

Again, I definitely, 100 percent was absolutely certainly not at all contemplating buying a J.T. O’Sullivan jersey. That definitely never happened and certainly cannot be dug up with a cursory Google search on this very site. My takes are perfect.

There are a lot of them this year. Most of them have to do with Lamar Jackson, a fine quarterback who isn’t guaranteed success at the next level, but who is getting the same lack of respect that many players in his position get. You’ll find Jackson’s name mentioned multiple times on this list of the worst NFL draft takes of 2018 thus far, from my colleague Jeanna Thomas.

Her first gets right into it: that Josh Allen is better than Jackson. That’s not an indefensible position, but she highlights the fact that Mel Kiper Jr. talked a lot about how stats were a fool’s game, then used stats to discredit Jackson vs. Allen, when Jackson actually fared better than Allen in that stat (completion percentage). Whoops.

Also, apparently, Sam Darnold has a “bad face,” according to the infamous anonymous scout. Anyway, do you have any bad draft takes? I wanna hear ‘em. Or do you know of any other person’s bad draft takes? Let’s hear ‘em. Again, I need to hear about yours, because I have none of my own.