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We now know the time of the 49ers vs. Raiders NFL Draft coin toss at the combine

Tails never fails?

The coin toss to determine whether the Oakland Raiders or San Francisco 49ers will pick ninth overall in the 2018 NFL Draft will take place at 9:30 a.m. PT on Friday, an NFL spokesman told Matt Schneidman of the San Jose Mercury News. The toss will happen near the weight bench, according to the spokesman, and there have been multiple reports suggesting the toss will be televised.

On Friday, the quarterbacks, wide receivers and tight ends will be participating in the bench press. The day before, special teams, offensive linemen and running backs will be doing the bench press.

We previously knew that the toss would be at or around the combine, and then we knew it was Friday. Now we know a definitive time. The loser of the coin toss will pick 10th overall in the draft. The 49ers and Raiders share some similar needs at cornerback and linebacker, so the coin toss could wind up being very crucial.

I still think it’s dumb that a coin toss is the third tiebreaker down the list, and am still fully in support of most of the silly tiebreaks that ya’ll came up with.