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Better Rivals podcast: “This is where the 49ers can get better in a hurry.”

David and Oscar round out their free agency previews by focusing in on the top guards and outline their preferred free agency plan of attack.

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On this week’s episode of the Better Rivals podcast, we wrap up our free agency preview with an in-depth look at the top guards in this year’s class. Should the 49ers be worried about spending top money on Andrew Norwell or Josh Sitton? (8:09) If the top players prove too rich, which players could John Lynch & Co. target at the mid-level? (33:40) And is Brandon Fusco worth bringing back as a bargain option? (39:11) All that, plus John Lynch throws shade at Ken Norton (0:48), several potential offseason targets go off the market (1:39), and our preferred free agency plan of attack (48:37).