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NFL Hall of Fame class of 2018: Announcement time, candidates, more for Terrell Owens, John Lynch

Terrell Owens and 49ers GM John Lynch are back to find out their Pro Football Hall of Fame fates Saturday afternoon. Here's the rundown on how to watch the program and find out.

We are into Super Bowl 52 weekend, and that means the Pro Football Hall of Fame will announce its 2018 induction class on Saturday evening. The formal announcement is set to air during the NFL Honors program, which is taped from 3-5 p.m. PT, and will air at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC. They will announce all the annual awards, but at some point they will introduce the new class. Information is all but guaranteed to leak out before the show gets going, but the formal announcement will air during the awards program.

The voters are meeting during the day on Saturday to decide on this year’s class. They will first vote on senior finalists and the contributor finalist. After that, they will consider the 15 regular finalists, cut down to ten, and then cut down to the five players/coaches that will be inducted this coming August.

Once again, Terrell Owens is the most notable ex- San Francisco 49ers player on the ballot. He has been unhappy to get spurned among the finalists. He has a bad relationship with the media, which has cost him thus far. Where it gets interesting this year is the fact that Randy Moss is also on the ballot. Will they vote both in, make Moss wait for TO, or make TO continue to wait? It seems a lock one of the two gets in, but who that will be remains to be seen.

The other notable name is of course 49ers general manager John Lynch. A year ago, he was a finalist shortly after being formally hired by the 49ers for his current role. This is his fifth time being a finalist, and while his work as GM will not count toward his credentials, he is a little more high profile heading into this year’s final vote.