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Golden Nuggets: Would you even think of a Garoppolo trade?

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, February 3rd 2018

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams

I’ll just get right to it. Grant Cohn wrote an interesting piece suggesting that trading Jimmy Garoppolo would be a great move for the San Francisco 49ers. To take over as quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers is newly minted free agent Kirk Cousins.

This, as you may expect, had everyone going nuts about how asinine such a move could be. While I certainly see the logic in it (a haul of picks to turn over the roster) I also think Garoppolo is slowly becoming the fact of the franchise. If he hasn’t been vocal about wanting to stick around in San Francisco, it’s because it’s by design. John Lynch has stated repeatedly that the talks between the 49ers and Jimmy G are private and I’d venture a guess Garoppolo is going with the same mentality.

Not to mention, Garoppolo has established himself as a threatening quarterback only Kirk Cousins wishes he could dream of. Cousins had a better roster than the 49ers and dare I say it, did much worse. You can’t replace Garoppolo, not even with Cousins. That’s merely how I see it, I certainly see the merit in a haul of draft picks as well.

I’d still like to know what you all think. Let me know in the comments if trading Garoppolo away for some draft picks seems like a smart move.

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