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Jimmy Garoppolo’s former teammates are happy for him

Garoppolo was well-liked, and his former teammates think he should be paid.

New England Patriots players are getting more time with the media than ever leading up to Super Bowl 52, and there has been plenty of talk about one of their former teammates: San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

As it turns out, Patriots players are pretty much universally ecstatic for Garoppolo and his success in San Francisco. Multiple players pointed out that many viewed Garoppolo as a “system quarterback,” who was only successful because Bill Belichick can’t call a bad offense.

“You’re happy for him because you see what he does in practice. You saw how good he was and now the world finally sees it,” safety Duron Harmon said Wednesday, via “A lot of people said, ‘Well, he’s just on the Patriots. It is the system.’ At the end of the day, he went to another team that won one game before he was there and then won five as a starter. Just super excited for him, super proud of him. And you know he will continue to grow.”

Offensive tackle Cameron Flemming and offensive lineman Ted Karras echoed the sentiments from Harmon, with quotes you can find linked above.

In addition to being happy that Garoppolo is getting the respect he deserves while performing well, Patriots players are happy that Garoppolo is about to get PAID. They’re all advocating for a big deal for their former teammate.

“I think he proved himself very much so in those last five games,” Fleming said. “What else do you want? You went from 1-10 to winning the last five games.”

Karras added that he “will advocate for my guy.”

That’s a whole lot of positivity for someone no longer on the team. I’m sure those guys all have more on their minds right now than Garoppolo, playing in the Super Bowl and all, but it’s cool that they care and that the 49ers’ new franchise quarterback was well-liked by his teammate.