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Super Bowl 2018 rooting guide: 49ers fans, how’s it looking?

There’s no 49ers draft impact, unless you dig real deep.

The Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots will face each other in Super Bowl 52, but who should you root for? Throughout the year, we’ve been looking at which teams you should root for when it comes to the NFL Draft and how it impacts the 49ers, but that doesn’t necessarily apply here.

The 49ers have picks from the New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs in addition to four of their own selections. The Eagles and Patriots are battling for the Lombardi Trophy, but also for pick No. 31 in the first round of the draft.

In other words, the outcome of the Super Bowl won’t have any affect on the 49ers’ draft day plans.

Actually, there is one thing I can imagine: if Nick Foles has an incredible game and becomes a player that convinces a quarterback-needy team he can be a franchise quarterback, that could conceivably alter the market. The 49ers, with Jimmy Garoppolo at quarterback, want the teams picking ahead of them in the draft to take a quarterback.

But if Foles lands with one of those teams, they could be persuaded to instead draft a cornerback, interior offensive lineman, edge rusher or something else that could impact the 49ers. I suppose, with that logic, you should be rooting for the Patriots to win, or at least for Foles to struggle.

Then there’s the Garoppolo connection. Maybe you have a soft spot in your heart for the Patriots right now because they hosed themselves on the Garoppolo trade. Or maybe you’re incapable of having soft spots for the Patriots but you want Garoppolo to make as much money as possible.

As far as the franchises themselves go, the Patriots are obviously the “bad guys.” The Eagles are infamous for an angry fanbase that once threw things at Santa. But truthfully, every fanbase has terrible fans. Seriously, every fanbase. The Eagles ones are more vocal. Maybe they’re slightly more numerous. But if you took the worst offenders from each fanbase, you’ve got some pretty awful people.

So for me, I’m rooting against Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Not because they’re good at what they do — they’re phenomenal — I just don’t like either of them. Go Eagles, and go Foles.