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Which Patriots, Eagles players would you steal for 49ers?

One player from each team. Don’t be greedy!

If you somehow missed the headline, the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles are set to play in Super Bowl 52 on Sunday. It’s not my favorite matchup, with two franchises I have historically disliked and many players I dislike quite a bit, but it could make for an entertaining game at the very least.

The San Francisco 49ers weren’t even close to making it this far, but with Jimmy Garoppolo under center, things figure to be quite a bit different in the near future. The 49ers think they’re building a Super Bowl contender, and most of the fanbase tends to agree.

New England and Philadelphia are Super Bowl contenders. So let’s go with this fun exercise: who would you steal from either team’s roster? Specifically, if you could take one Patriots player and one Eagles player to add to the 49ers’ roster for a run to the Super Bowl, which players would you pick?

The obvious answer for the Patriots for a lot of teams would be Tom Brady, but with Garoppolo, I don’t want any part of Brady. For me the answer is closer to someone like Rob Gronkowski, despite also not liking him. He’s just too good on the field.

For the Eagles, their best players are guys like Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, Nigel Bradham and, of course, Carson Wentz. The latter is someone that 49ers fans shouldn’t be interested in. The 49ers need some help at the EDGE spot and Graham would certainly fit that need.

But I’m more interested in all of your answers. Who would you take?