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What’s your favorite Terrell Owens celebration?

Here are seven of our favorites.

Terrell Owens is headed to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and it’s safe to say the highlight reels are going to be entertaining as heck! TO played for 15 years in the NFL and finished No. 2 all-time in receiving yards, and was virtually unstoppable in his prime.

That being said he will be remembered primarily for his touchdown celebrations. A lot of the highlights are now held by the NFL, so you have to go to YouTube to view them. We do have some GIFs for you as well, so here are some of my favorites. Most are from his time with the 49ers, but there are a couple great ones from his time in Philadelphia and Dallas.

Celebrating on the Dallas star

Sharpie in his shoe to autograph a touchdown ball

Celebrating with the cheerleaders

Cowboys with popcorn

Mocking Ray Lewis