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Madden 18 Super Bowl 52 Simulation

The ‘official’ simulation has already made the waves, but not ours. And ours is what counts!

This will mark the first time in Madden Simulations for this site that I simulate a team that isn’t the San Francisco 49ers. I guess for this i can’t get too passionate and make fun of Madden. Especially when it carries a Super Bowl Game against two teams most couldn’t care less about.

Either way, I figured I’d run a simulation in the same format I run the 49ers simulations and see what turns out. Let’s see who wins with my rules.

For those of you new to the program: we simulate a 24-minute game and do roughly three simulations where I collect averages and then report back on the average score, passing yards, dominant players, etc. The notable inactives have been made. I write this intro before I do the simulation and then actually go subject myself to more Madden than the surgeon general may deem necessary to survive in life.

So let’s get this started.

Expect a high scoring game...

...From the Eagles. Philadelphia averaged 33 points and only lost one game—which was decided by three points. That particular game had the Eagles carve out 38 points against the Patriots 41. It was also a game where Tom Brady put up godlike numbers (344 yards, 71.6 completion percentage, 5 touchdowns), despite throwing two picks. The other two games, the Patriots weren’t near as dynamic.

Speaking of Brady

He really didn’t do much. Brady had his aformentioned godlike game, but his average wasn’t anything to write home about. A pedestrian 260 yards, 3TDs and 1 pick. His completion percentage at 63 percent isn’t bad, but this is Tom Brady we are talking about here. TB12 can’t fight the power of Madden. Or at least Niners Nation’s version of Madden.

Defense isn’t anything great

I want to say there was a standout player on defense, but through three games, there wasn’t a single person who gained consistency. Both teams averaged 3 sacks from a multitude of players. The Eagles won the interception department with Nick Foles not doing anything strange (which, in itself is strange against the Patriots defense). I guess with the scoring, it makes sense, but for some reason I thought it’d be a high scoring game with a lot of defensive plays as well. Those games are rare, but I thought this would deliver.

Final Score: 33-23 Eagles

I put my prediction in as the Eagles, telling the staff in my email discussing my pick, “I think Nick Foles deserves a trip to Disneyland”, and I’m half right in video game-land. While the Eagles are winning, LeGarrette Blount will probably take the MVP due to his average of 103 yards. Only one game had him under 125 yards and that was the Game 2 where the Patriots put in the Konami code.

This now becomes the last Madden simulation of the season. See you all next year.