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Terrell Owens left Minneapolis before the Hall of Fame announcement due to nerves

TO is headed back to Minneapolis following word from the Hall of Fame.

Each February, the day before the Super Bowl, the Pro Football Hall of Fame committee convenes to vote on the next class of inductees. They meet in the Super Bowl city and cut down from 15 finalists to 10, and then from 10 to the class of five modern era inductees. The 15 finalists are asked to be in the city, where they will away a knock on the door from HOF chairman David Baker indicating they have been voted in.

The HOF releases a video each year showing Baker informing each person they have gotten the votes. They released this year’s video, and one person was noticeably absent. Terrell Owens was not greeted by Baker in the video.

It turns out, nerves got the best of TO. According to Dallas Cowboys writer Clarence Hill, TO left town early to go play in a basketball game.

It sounds like it was actually related to nerves about potentially being denied again.

Baker later said of his call with TO, “He was very calm, but very respectful, I would even say kind of humbled.”

The past two years, Owens has alternated between saying he is being disrespected, and saying he does not care. I'm guessing that getting that notification felt pretty great.