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Scot McCloughan adds Browns to his consultant work

The Browns need all the help they can get.

Some quasi-big news dropped on Sunday morning before the Super Bowl, when Chris Mortensen reported former general manager Scot McCloughan would be joining the Cleveland Browns as a personnel consultant.

There was some confusion when the story first break, with people thinking new Browns GM John Dorsey had hired McCloughan for his front office. In reality, it sounds like the Browns are basically joining a growing number of teams that are using McCloughan’s scouting service, Instinctive Scouting Services. He will assist in their draft preparation, but according to the Washington Post, it sounds like this is not an exclusive deal.

That being said, given McCloughan’s track record, bringing him in for any kind of help is a good idea. Personal issues aside, McCloughan is a great personnel evaluator. He was critical to the rebuilding of the San Francisco 49ers, and also the Seattle Seahawks taking a big next step. He following that up with some big things in Washington before that relationship went south.

The Browns seem to face a critical draft every year, and that is plenty applicable this year. They have gone 1-31 the past two seasons, and while Hue Jackson is getting another season, the team fired GM Sashi Brown and hired John Dorsey. With the No. 1 and No. 4 overall picks, they absolutely have to hit big on them.