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Ian Rapoport expects Jimmy Garoppolo extension ‘in a couple days’ barring any snag

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This is developing rather quickly.

The San Francisco 49ers might very well be closing in on a contract extension with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Over the weekend, NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport was hearing the two sides had significant momentum going.

On Monday, he took it a step further, telling KNBR’s Murph & Mac that he thought a deal could be expected “in a couple days,” barring any unforeseen negotiating snag.

“Yea, I think it’s getting pretty close to getting done. You know, barring some sort of negotiating snag, I would expect this in a couple days, pretty close. I don’t think they’re at a point where they’ve reached an agreement, but it sounds like it’s getting there. A multi-year deal, lucrative, big money, top quarterback money. I’m not sure it’s gonna be Derek Carr, but I would imagine it’s gonna be right around there.

”From what it sounds like, too — negotiations are hard — this does not seem like it was a hard one. And I think part of that is because everybody wants the same thing in this case.”

Rapoport had said over the weekend that a deal “could get done in the near future.” Moving that up to “in a couple days” is certainly a bold statement.

I’m wondering who exactly is leaking this kind of information, particularly given John Lynch’s comments about the two sides agreeing not to negotiate through the media. I don’t see these kinds of comments as negotiating through the media. Maybe both sides want to throw 49ers fans a bone? I’m not entirely sure what to make of it, but things continue on the path they have been this week, that would make for a fun week of post Super Bowl news!