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Malcolm Butler says he did not miss curfew or participate in ‘any of the ridiculous activities being report’

And now Tom Brady dives in a little bit.

Fooch’s update: Jimmy Garoppolo has liked Malcolm Butler’s post. This is entertaining to no end.

Malcolm Butler has released a statement regarding the speculation surrounding his benching for the Super Bowl. Butler denied missing curfew, attending a Rick Ross concert, or taking part in “any of the ridiculous activities being reported.” Notably, the Instagram statement was liked by Tom Brady. Additionally, Damarius Travis and Brandon Browner offered comments in support of Butler. Browner had previously suggested all sorts of questions about what went down.

Fooch’s update: Tom Brady added a comment

I really have no idea what to make of any of this. Butler had a bit of a down year, but he hits unrestricted free agency with a chance to make some big bucks. He and Trumaine Johnson are among the cornerbacks who could top the market, and so whatever led to his unofficial benching (he played one special teams snap) is kind of important.

I don’t know if the public will ever get the full story on this, but if the San Francisco 49ers do have interest in Butler, it seems likely Bill Belichick would give them the scoop. The 49ers could very well decide Butler does not have the size they want outside, but for now, it will be something to track.