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Josh McDaniels not joining the Colts, per Adam Schefter

He’ll remain with the Patriots and earn some more money in doing so.

The Indianapolis Colts announced the hiring of New England Patriots offensive coordinator as their new head coach on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the announcement was a little premature, as McDaniels has decided to remain with the Patriots in the same position, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Furthermore, Schefter reports that Patriots owner Robert Kraft coaxed McDaniels into staying, “sweetening his contract.” The Colts are still without a head coach, while we’re getting another year of the potent Bill Belichick + Josh McDaniels + Tom Brady combo.

This is interesting for a whole number of reasons. As Fooch pointed out earlier, McDaniels was reportedly joining the Colts one year to the day that the 49ers hired Kyle Shanahan from the Super Bowl-losing Atlanta Falcons.

And it’s also interesting for the 49ers because McDaniels was the first real candidate linked to the team after they fired Chip Kelly. McDaniels eventually took himself out of the running for the gig, electing to remain with the Patriots, as he is doing once again.

McDaniels has held a head-coaching position once before and it was a disaster, but many believe he’s matured and learned from it, and one can now guess that Kraft is preparing for Belichick’s eventual retirement. It seems logical that McDaniels would want to remain with the Patriots for more money and if he felt like he could earn the top job there in the near future.

The Colts front office (all the way up to Jim Irsay) has been in disarray ever since about the end of Peyton Manning’s time with the team, while the 49ers a year ago lacked stability. McDaniels was probably right to avoid both teams, really.