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Colts might want to hold their own David Carr press conference

This takes me back.

The Indianapolis Colts find themselves in the midst of a crazy situation. They and the Detroit Lions hired the last two head coach candidates standing, landing Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia, respectively. Patricia signed his contract with the Lions on Monday, and the Colts announced on Tuesday that McDaniels had agreed to terms to become their next head coach.

They were feeling pretty good about themselves, and posted and tweeted their “Get to know Josh McDaniels” article.

They decided to get clever, welcoming visor season, since McDaniels wears a visor.

And of course, they announced Josh McDaniels’ coming press conference — albeit, with a misspelling of McDaniels’ last name. But, the press conference was scheduled for 4 p.m. local time on Wednesday.

And then Adam Schefter hit with the stunning news.

It took the Colts a while to take down their previous tweets and articles, but finally, they got a statement together.

The whole thing was crazy, and people are still trying to sort it out. Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick reportedly put on a full-court press to keep McDaniels. At the same time, McDaniels had already agreed to hire several assistant coaches. They signed contracts with the Colts before McDaniels, and now are left holding the bag. They are reportedly sticking around, but with a new head coach eventually coming in, the whole thing is a mess.

The San Francisco 49ers have avoided this particular brand of craziness, but this did get me thinking back to a 2010 press conference that ended up being nothing. Yes, I’m talking about the David Carr press conference. The 49ers signed Carr to serve as backup quarterback, and were planning to introduce him to the media. We had an open thread ready, but Carr never made it to the press conference. The signing happened, but we had an open thread to discuss effectively nothing.

I kind of wish the Colts press conference had happened and McDaniels simply did not show up. The whole thing is a mess, but that would have amused me. But either way, this whole thing is a circus.