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Why yes, you can bet on Bill Belichick replacing Kyle Shanahan in 2019

Sure, why not.

The drama surrounding Josh McDaniels has led to speculation on the future of New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. A common line of thought is that McDaniels has been promised the Patriots job after Belichick retires. Some think his abrupt change means that will happen sooner rather than later.

For the time being, reports have Belichick returning in 2018, but a question mark for 2019 and beyond. Given the Foxboro drama detailed in Seth Wickersham’s lengthy feature, I don’t know if anybody would be surprised by Belichick leaving sooner rather than later.

Whatever the case, the folks at BetDSI are getting in on the action. They have a prop set up asking which team Belichick will be coaching for the 2019 regular season. The New York Giants are installed as favorites, just ahead of a return to the Patriots. But where it gets interesting is some of the long shots. Most notably, they installed the 49ers at 30/1.

New York Giants +125
New England Patriots +200
Dallas Cowboys +400
New York Jets +750
Green Bay Packers +1500
Indianapolis Colts +2500
San Francisco 49ers +3000
Chicago Bears +4000
Cleveland Browns +5000
Field +2000
Not NFL head coach +750

I imagine the only reason the 49ers are included is because of Jimmy Garoppolo. Given Belichick’s respect for John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan, I really can’t see him somehow making this kind of thing happen. I don’t think BetDSI expects it either, instead hoping to get some sucker bets in. But it’s amusing to consider the kind of insanity that would result in that kind change.