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Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers reach agreement on biggest contract in NFL history

We await word on guaranteed money, but this is big.

And it’s happened! The San Francisco 49ers and Jimmy Garoppolo have agreed to terms on a five year contract worth $137.5 million, according to NFL Network reporter Mike Garafolo. There is no word yet on the guaranteed money, but the average per year ($27.5 million) is the highest in NFL history, by $500,000 per year over Matthew Stafford.

Ian Rapoport was reporting earlier this week that a deal could get done in the coming days, and it turns out he was spot on. John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan had said they wanted to wait until the offseason to get something done. Negotiations began with Don Yee last month, and Lynch had said he was optimistic about things. I guess he had good reason.

The guaranteed money will be the big question mark, but the 49ers were very clear they wanted to make Garoppolo a 49er for a long time. It likely killed some of their leverage, but when you can sign a potential franchise quarterback and you’ve got plenty of cap space, you don’t really worry about leverage.