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Boston sportswriter fooled into thinking Tom Brady will hold out if he doesn’t get Jimmy Garoppolo money

Probably shouldn’t take a random text at face value.

The San Francisco 49ers formally agreed to a new contract with Jimmy Garoppolo, and the quarterback is getting paid in a big way. We don’t have the details on fully guaranteed money, but Garoppolo is reportedly signed to a $137.5 million contract, with $74 million in total guarantees.

Adam Schefter pointed out that with the deal, Garoppolo could earn more these next five years than Tom Brady earned the first 14 years of his career ($135.4 million). Obviously that fact lacks the context of salary cap changes and how salaries have climbed. But we also have heard all the reports of Brady willingly making some sacrifices to give his team some more cap space. Brady has still made big money, but he could easily have pushed for more given what he has meant to the New England Patriots organization.

Friday morning, Boston Herald sportswriter Ron Borges reported that Brady was prepared to holdout from Patriots offseason workout activities if he did not get a contract extension that carried similar up-front money that Garoppolo received. Such a move would be unprecedented for Brady, and thus raise some questions.

And it turns out the whole thing was a hoax. A Boston-area sports radio show received word from a caller that he had texted Borges claiming to be Brady (and Garoppolo) agent Don Yee. He told Borges that Brady was prepared to sit out, and Borges decided to run the story without getting further confirmation.

The Boston Herald has now pulled the article, leaving a 503 timeout page in its place. They seem to recognize their reporter was fooled and are moving on from it.

There is a quotation attributed to Winston Churchill that states, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” I thought I’d at least get something out in case people are amusing themselves with the idea of a Tom Brady holdout. Maybe he will end up asking for more money at some point, but that point is not right now.