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Live stream, updates for Jimmy Garoppolo press conference

Follow along for what should be a celebratory press conference.

The San Francisco 49ers and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo are set to meet with the media at 11:30 a.m. PT to discuss the minor matter of his monster contract extension.

I’m actually kind of curious how much we’ll hear beyond a lot of the usual cliches. Both sides will talk about wanting to get a deal done. They’ll talk about thinking they have something special. I imagine John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan will get questions about paying this much money this early instead of using the franchise tag. I also imagine all there will be asked about the structure of the deal, and all three will not get into the details.

The press conference will be live streamed at, and you will also be able to view it on the 49ers mobile app, and likely at CSN Bay Area’s own live stream. We should have a transcript later, and we’ll make sure and share it with you. If you can’t watch the live stream, you can follow along with our 49ers media list on Twitter.