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Richard Sherman’s ‘setback’ was actually a positive, former NFL team doc says

Sherman is a free agent, and the 49ers are interested, provided the health and terms check out.

While we await more information on whether or not the San Francisco 49ers believe they can get a deal done with free agent cornerback Richard Sherman — and whether or not their doctors would give the green light to begin with — there’s been a lot of chatter about a piece written earlier this month by the ProFootballDoc.

That piece talks about a “setback” that was discussed regarding Sherman and his ruptured right Achilles. It explains that Sherman essentially underwent a preventative surgical procedure that increases his recovery time, but also makes it much more likely that he recovers at a full 100 percent.

The procedure is a debridement on the “healthy” left side to prevent a rupture in the future. Players who sustain a rupture on one side have a greater chance of sustaining one on the other side after returning to physical activity. As the piece notes, “although termed a setback, it really seems to be one step back to get two steps forward.”

“Recovery should be much quicker than if he waited for it to tear, and the timing is such that I expect Sherman back 100 percent well before next season,” the piece says. It indicates that the surgery should increase, not decrease Sherman’s value.

So at this point, Sherman is still not a sure thing, but he took the smart approach this offseason. I don’t engage much with the ProFootballDoc, who is certainly qualified to make this kind of analysis, but is often posting on Twitter just after apparent injuries with all kinds of information that he can’t possibly have at the time.

There’s a bit of a reputation there that many find off-putting, but when it comes to this actual medical analysis, I see no reason to doubt the opinion. The 49ers’ medical staff will make the ultimate decision on things, it seems.