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Richard Sherman, 49ers discussing potential 3-year deal, per report

This could still easily be a “prove-it” type deal with incentives and the like, but who knows? We’re just riding this one out!

The San Francisco 49ers and cornerback Richard Sherman are discussing a potential three-year deal, according to Josina Anderson. Her source on the matter is Sherman himself, she says.

She also reported that Sherman and the Detroit Lions did not have a visit scheduled after another report suggested that one was set for next week, also citing Sherman. Finally, she also said that it didn’t mean a visit with the Lions was out of the picture, just that one wasn’t scheduled yet.

So, what I take from all of this isn’t that a signing with the 49ers is imminent, but that the interest is considerable. There’s no word on if the 49ers definitely gave Sherman a pass on a physical or even if that process is complete, and Sherman would, of course, want to make it clear to potentially interested teams that he is talking a serious deal with the 49ers.

Sherman is acting as his own agent, and is a free agent for the first time in the NFL. It wouldn’t be surprising to me if he signed a deal 10 minutes from now, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it took another couple weeks. But while getting information out there to drive up one’s value is always a goal for players and agents, I doubt this three-year figure would be floated unless there was some substance to it.

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