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Does Kyle Juszczyk’s Tweet about Richard Sherman resonate with you?

Trash talk is trash talk, but at the end of the day, Sherman should fit right in with the 49ers.

As many here on Niners Nation are aware, I’m a fan of Richard Sherman off the field, and I’ve never been too offended by his antics on the field. I prefer players like Frank Gore, Issac Bruce and that mold, but trash talking has never bothered me too much. But a lot of people are exceedingly bothered by Sherman’s antics on the field, from his trash talk to his style of play.

But the important thing to remember about rivalries is that they, like most things in the NFL, ultimately don’t matter so much when it comes down to the fact that this is a business. Some players get personal — look at Aqib Talib vs. Michael Crabtree. Or Richard Sherman vs. Michael Crabtree. Or ... well, you get the point.

Sherman makes opposing players mad, and I’m sure it’s led to more than one interception for him. I’m sure it’s led to more than one penalty for his opponents. And, of course, it’s always worth noting that players talk plenty of trash right back to Sherman. So much so, that San Francisco 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk made a light-hearted Tweet shortly after the Sherman signing that I think may just apply to most of the 49ers fanbase.

It’s highly likely that Sherman could have been in line for receiving similar light-hearted apologies from players on any NFL roster had he signed with that team. It’s the nature of his game, and the nature of the game overall. I’m not telling you to like him, I’m more thinking how awesome this Tweet is (and how awesome Juszczyk is, of course).