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Richard Sherman needs a list if he’s gonna start unblocking people on Twitter

I imagine it’s a lengthy list!

The San Francisco 49ers recent move to sign Richard Sherman brings with it a modest complication for fans on Twitter. Over the years, Sherman and 49ers fans have butted heads, to say the least. There has been all sorts of smack talk, and it is not surprising that has led to Sherman blocking plenty of fans on Twitter.

Since news of the signing, fans who have been blocked have been trying to get unblocked. I’ve had numerous people tweeting at me asking to get unblocked, and on Monday, Sherman said he might need a list to figure out all the people to unblock.

I have no idea if unblocking will happen, but if you’ve been blocked by Sherman, let us know and we’ll try and come up with a list to present to him for unblocking.

The list