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Richard Sherman: NBC producers asked Seahawks players to eat turkey leg after Thanksgiving game

It was inevitable this would be brought up following Sherman’s decision to sign with the 49ers.

The addition of cornerback Richard Sherman to the San Francisco 49ers secondary raises plenty of raw emotions for some fans. One incident that plenty of 49ers fans remember was Thanksgiving 2014. The 49ers hosted the Seattle Seahawks that night, and after Seattle won, Sherman and Russell Wilson ate some turkey on the 50-yard line.

The idea of an opposing player eating turkey in the middle of a rival’s field got plenty of people fired up, and some have never forgiven that. And yet, it should not surprise anybody that it was a television producer’s idea.

Sherman chatted with 49ers media on Monday, and someone asked him about the turkey leg incident. He said the TV producers just kind of pushed them out there and asked them to eat the turkey. Sherman did not see it as intentionally disrespectful, but rather was following the request of the producers, and just enjoying the moment.

I can see why fans would get in a lather over the incident, but I also don’t think it was ever really that big a deal. And much like when a player puts up huge numbers on a team, if you don’t like it, win the game and prevent the player from doing it.

But hey, it’s a rivalry, and people get fired up over this kind of stuff. If we want to see this thing come full circle, how about the 49ers and Seahawks square off at CenturyLink Field on Thanksgiving and Sherman enjoys some turkey there as well?