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Vikings reach out to free agent QB Drew Brees

This would certainly be something.

Get your popcorn ready! This has nothing to do with the San Francisco 49ers for the time being, but this could be a really interesting way to kick off free agency.

The Minnesota Vikings need to find a quarterback, and while Kirk Cousins has been prominently mentioned, the team is now reaching out to Drew Brees, according to NFL Network reporter Andrew Siciliano.

Brees had been expected to re-sign with the New Orleans Saints, but with the opening of the tampering period, the two sides have not gotten a deal done. And now that Brees is free to talk with other teams, he is set to.

I still think Brees ends up remaining in New Orleans, but this opens the door for some insanity. This would be a great fit, as Brees would get to remain indoors at the Vikings new stadium, and he would be joining a Super Bowl contender.

The Vikings have been linked extensively to Washington QB Kirk Cousins, but if they can land Brees it makes a lot of sense. It makes sense to do any and all due diligence at the quarterback position, especially given how close they came to the Super Bowl. There is talk Cousins might sign a three-year deal that is fully guaranteed, but if you could land Drew Brees on a two-year deal, that makes a ton of sense. Cousins is a capable quarterback, but I’d take Drew Brees over him these next two years. And then Minnesota could add a rookie to develop, and be in a fairly decent position.

Again, I don’t think this ends up happening, but the opportunity is there.