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Draft board could see more quarterbacks go ahead of the 49ers

The quarterback market is shaking out, and teams that are missing out could be more aggressive in April.

The quarterback market is starting to shake out, with word that Kirk Cousins is going to sign with the Minnesota Vikings. He was the biggest domino, and his signing means teams that were interested in him are left scrambling for other options.

The Denver Broncos are signing Case Keenum and the Arizona Cardinals are signing Sam Bradford. Meanwhile, the Cleveland Browns traded for Tyrod Taylor. These are not moves meant to stabilize the position for the long term, but they provide bridge options at the very least.

Cousins’ decision to sign with the Minnesota Vikings means that none of the QB-needy teams ahead of the San Francisco 49ers in the 2018 NFL Draft have settled the position. They have short term options, but likely are still looking to find their QB of the future.

The Browns, Giants, Broncos, and Jets all need a long-term quarterback. Arizona signed Bradford, but will be in the market at No. 15, and could deal up. Additionally, the Buffalo Bills, who recently moved up to No. 12 in a trade with the Cincinnati Bengals, are reportedly interested in a further move up. Charles Robinson is reporting the team will look into options for getting into the top five.

All of this serves to help the 49ers at No. 9. A deal back would have been nice for loading up on picks, but if the 49ers cannot do a deal down from No. 9, the more quarterbacks going in the top eight, the better. There are currently four teams in the top eight who could use a rookie quarterback, with the Bills and Cardinals two additional nearby candidates. That doesn’t mean four or more quarterbacks are going ahead of the 49ers, but it at least opens the door for more talent to slip to them.