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Malcolm Butler to sign with Titans, and is getting PAID

Reports say Butler, the top cornerback on the market, is joining the Tennessee Titans. The 49ers may have been interested at one time.

Former New England Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler is signing with the Tennessee Titans on a five-year, $61 million deal with more than $30 million guaranteed, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network.

San Francisco 49ers fans are aware that total value and guaranteed money aren’t necessarily the whole story, but it’s safe to say that Butler, the top corner on the market, had plenty of leverage going into free agency, so I don’t expect a deal nearly as team-friendly as the one signed by Richard Sherman.

Butler was a one-time target of the 49ers, or at least of 49ers players. Multiple 49ers went on Twitter following the Super Bowl and pitched Butler to San Francisco. Many around here wanted Butler to join the 49ers, but that obviously became a lot less likely when the team signed Sherman.

And seeing those numbers, if they hold up, I’m glad Sherman is the guy the 49ers signed, and glad they’re considering other, cheaper options just in case Sherman’s injuries don’t play out the way the 49ers hoped.