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49ers salary cap space after first day of free agency

The 49ers still have a lot of space, but they are unlikely to add any more big names.

The San Francisco 49ers have signed three players since the start of free agency, which means it is time for an update on their salary cap situation. Over The Cap has the most recent update, but it does not include Brock Coyle’s contract, and it is off by $300,000 on Weston Richburg’s contract because of NLTBE incentives. But it’s close enough that we can figure out roughly where the 49ers currently stand.

Based on their numbers, the 49ers have roughly $46,538,419 in cap space. The team will set aside roughly $10 million for the rookie class, which brings it down to approximately $36 million. Considering the 49ers were looking at over $100 million in cap space coming into the offseason, that’s pretty crazy.

The 49ers have made four notable moves since last weekend, starting with Richard Sherman. Here are the 2018 cap hits for those four moves.

CB Richard Sherman: $6,175,000
OL Weston Richburg: $9,260,000
RB Jerick McKinnon: $10,500,000
LB Brock Coyle: $2,050,000