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Joe Williams’ scouting report had Jerick McKinnon as his NFL comparison

If you can’t draft something like him, you may as well go pay the real thing in free agency.

The San Francisco 49ers signed running back Jerick McKinnon in free agency and for the most part, the signing has been considered one of the better ones for the team. One interesting tidbit is a comparison he shares with current 49ers running back Joe Williams. All prospects have draft cards displaying strengths, weaknesses, and other information, Williams’ card on has an interesting player comparison: Jerick McKinnon.

Williams was drafted in the 2017 NFL Draft and placed on IR following an ankle injury in the preseason. With Matt Breida solidifying himself as the change-of-pace back at the worst, and McKinnon probably getting the lion’s share of carries to start the season, big things will be expected of Williams coming into this camp.

Williams had two games with fairly big numbers in the preseason, but he struggled at times to really get going throughout camp. There were times he felt fairly forgettable. It makes one wonder if they were trying to get a future Jerick McKinnon last year and when the offseason hit, they just decided to go pay the real thing.