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Colin Kaepernick wears Kunta Kinte shirt to deposition for Texans owner Bob McNair

Colin Kaepernick is suing the NFL on a collusion claim, and the proceedings have advanced to the deposition stage. Kaepernick’s legal team is deposing numerous owners, executives, and other people who might have some knowledge of the situation.

As the petitioner in this lawsuit, Kaepernick is allowed to attend the depositions. Yesterday, we learned that Kaepernick was seen throwing the ball in Houston. It turns out he was in town because he was attending the deposition for Houston Texans owner Bob McNair.

Back during an owners’ meeting last year, McNair had made the comment “We can’t have the inmates running the asylum.” Given the issues of police brutality and criminal justice reform that are at the heart of these protests, it was not the best choice of phrase.

At the deposition, Kaepernick sported a shirt with the name of the Roots character Kunta Kinte on it. Alrighty then.